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“Issues over Malvinas, Argentina and Pope Francis”

8 diciembre, 2013


[geolocation] | 06.12.2013

Iberoamerican Focus, Program Nº1
Iberoamerican Focus, is a new TV program in english language through the argentine TV on line broadcast channel, called TLV1 – “All truth First”. Our challenge is to communicate our argentinian view of the present world, a different point of view from other politically correct mayor mass media broadcasters. That is our goal and mission. Today we will discuss three interesting key issues. 1) actual political status of Argentina over the Malvinas Islands, 2) how is the present argentine political reality within their mainland, and 3) the importance of the out coming elected Pope as a head of the Catholic Church.
Our guest is Adrian Salbuchi, an international consultant, TV commentator, author, writer on RT Russia Today and conference speaker.

Fuente: CanalTLV1SalaStampa.Eu
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